We're built on a foundation of very experienced designers, developers and technical lab coat types. We've all cut our teeth in our respective fields and thought it would be lovely to come together and build ATHA

Based in Mulund Mumbai, ATHA was founded in 2012.

Simplicity and directness are our watchwords when it comes to our work, whether it's design for a mobile app, website or brand development and identity.

In the ever changing face of digital media you may feel like you are a needle in a haystack and you only have a matter of seconds to capture your viewers interest and convert them into a customer. That's where we think being simple and direct plays a key roll. We like to get a full understanding of our clients' needs and deliver the most succinct and elegant solutions possible.

We're real advocates of pixel perfect user interface design and we aim to create intuitive websites and mobile apps that are both easy on the eye and easy to use.

We really love designing products that leave users feeling happy and enthused. Our design work is backed up by our team of developers who bring our creative to life on screen. We have 40+ years' combined experience in delivering integrated, fast and flexible mobile apps, web development and ecommerce for brands throughout the world backed by comprehensive research, branding and marketing services designed to make you a leader in your industry.